End Industrial Scale Hunting In Tunisia

      End Industrial Scale Hunting In Tunisia

      Leider nur in englisch, aber viele können es ja ein bischen mehr oder weniger. Trotzdem finde ich die Petition wichtig, gerade jetzt, wo die Zugvögelw wieder unterwegs sind:

      Tunisia's lax hunting laws mean each hunter can slaughter hundreds of birds. It's time for a crack down.

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      Regardless of how you and I feel about it, bird hunting is a common
      pastime all over the world. But in Tunisia, it isn't just an average
      blood sport. Under current laws, even a hobbyist can kill birds at
      near-industrial scale, which has decimated birds across the North
      African country.

      Tell the Tunisian government to put some real restrictions on hunting in order to stop this massacre.

      Earlier this year, the Lebanese Hunting Club posted a Facebook photo
      that showed their members proudly standing in front piles of dead birds.
      It went viral as conscientious animal and wildlife lovers around the
      world were horrorstruck at the site of such massive slaughter.

      Yet, there was nothing illegal about this photo. Each person is
      allowed a jaw-dropping 350 rounds of ammunition on any hunting trip as
      long as its three or fewer days long. That means a great marksman could
      individually kill 350 animals. A typical hunting party could leave more
      than a thousand kills in their wake.

      This kind of mass-scale hunting is obviously unsustainable. We've
      already lost many bird species that used to call Tunisia home, and we're
      guaranteed to lose more if we don't put any common sense limits on how
      many animals hunters can kill.

      Urge the Tunisian to end "industrial-scale" hunting to save the wildlife they have left.

      Thank you,
      Emily V.

      The Care2 Petitions Team
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